Our main blog system to create profit!

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DEV INFORM is a simple blog that focus in one main point “profit”

Making money from blogging is a huge field, some people really make thousands of dollars monthly, but many and many other people just failed to make any profit.

For this we searching some one we can follow, in fact there is much success blogs that we can follow, but none of them gives a clear info like Matthew Woodward doing, he gives a detailed and clear info enough to start.

So simply we are following this post

This is for sure will not be a bad start up, we may try to develop the experiment more and more, but we need at 1st a real info to start.

We verified some of the income reports that published on the Matthew blog, as we have access for one of the platform he work as as affiliate for it.

The main points extracted from that post:

  • Black, blue & pink.
  • Smiley cartoon version( personal, friendly & inviting)
Content :
  • Create a blog and establish yourself as an authority
  • Do something that is unique/different/original
  • Create content that is useful/helpful to the community
  • Answers common questions in your niche
  • Publish original research
  • Create videos
  • Publish how to guides and tutorials
  • Create lists of helpful resources
  • Simple one (Matthew present and sell his premium theme, but there is many simple FREE themes that may make the trick, you can also make some modification as per your need, wordpress is really simple to edit and have the most wide plugins & themes)
Set a Tone Of Voice:
  • Tell it like it is
  • Like I’m talking to a friend in the pub
  • No more than 3 sentences in a paragraph
  • Short & punchy
  • Keep it simple
Ranking & promoting:
  • Use a popular internet marketing forums
  • Setup some Google Alerts
  • No link building, no SEO, no media buys (in this point you can save your efforts for a little money)
Extract value:
  • Affiliate sales
  • Affiliate link clicks
  • Social shares (Google+/Twitter etc)
  • A full time subscription
  • User generated content (comment/forum post/post ideas)
  • New traffic by sharing the content with others
  • New traffic from telling their friends in the pub
no SAPM:
  • Get More Traffic by asking people to share them with their friends.
  • Use social locker plugin
Affiliate Clicks & Sales:
  • Solve problems with high quality content strategy in mind, affiliate sales just happen naturally without any sneaky tricks.
  • Creating
    • Using Camtasia Studio
    • Brand PowerPoint
    • Logo & watermark
  • Problem in using Videos
    • Problem #1 Google bots can’t understand video so how will these tutorials attract search traffic?
    • Solved by publishing a transcript under each video that could be shown/hidden by the user.
    • Problem #2 how do I get people to ‘convert’ after watching a video, whether that is subscribing to the blog, sharing the tutorial on a social network or clicking an affiliate link?
    • Solved with a plugin that would show a custom HTML splash screen at the end of the video and let me make certain parts of the video clickable

So that’s great content, that offers multiple points of conversion through email sign up/ affiliate clicks, set up to drive social sharing & user engagement taken care of.

  • Promoting 
    • Promoting the videos was actually the easiest bit and it all started with a little forum called TrafficPlanet.
    • Then updated my signature on forums like DigitalPoint, BlackHatWorld & WarriorForum
    • BuzzBundle.
Traffic & Promotion
  • Focused on DigitalPoint, TrafficPlanet & WarriorForum
  • A guest post
  • Blackhatworld
  • Solving The Email Problem
  • Install a WordPress forum plugin into the site and get people to post questions there.
  • Anyone that joined the forum, became an email subscriber
  • The questions & answers were publicly viewable for everyone’s benefit
  • It introduced a new form of user generated content to the site
  • It increased visibility in the search engines ranking for long tail keywords

End of text.

Yes we will keep explaining step by step with more details, and links and how it works for us!