Google ranking factors tend to change each year, let’s see the 2019 ranking factors

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What makes one website appear in the first place in search of top results?!

while other websites appear in the fourth or fifth place ?!

Based on several factors google decides whether this website would rank in the top results or not and one of these factors is google ranking

Google ranking factors tend to change each year (may be  every very short time)

While they are far from limited there are seven factors that are considered to be the most important in 2019

If you want your website to rank higher follow these pieces of advice below we are going to discuss in this article



What sort of content you should publish?!

the content published must be of high quality and provide useful and valuable information, so high-quality content means spending more time on the page and providing helpful content for the users also you need to know the user search intent which means diving into google analytics to see what users are searching for , keyword research supports the quality of the content so you need to identify your primary keywords and place them in the topics to be suited for the searcher , also voice search must be included as Google has stated that a new way of searching is coming ever since new applications have been introduced like SIRI , ALEXA and CORTONA, also including rich snippets that provide users with a preview of your content before clicking on it, so building high-quality content tends to show users that your website is worth their time.



Why it is important to make your website a mobile-friendly?!

Making your website mobile friendly  is considered very important for the website existence in the SERPs and also make sure your content is exactly the same in the desktop and mobile



Creating a secure content is an essential step why?

 Create a secure website (HTTPS) in 2014 Google announced that HTTPS is a ranking signal then in 2017 Google announced that it will begin flagging sites as nonsecure when they are not HTTPS and this shows that Google thinks HTTPS is essential however switching to HTTPS can bring lots of problems if not done right.



Improving your user experience exactly, how?

Improving your user experience that tends to have an impact on SEO where a study shows that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive so you must design a user experience that suits the SEO in order to succeed in the SERPs, also there must be a proper site architecture that is considered a component of user experience and has an impact on SEO also they help users find what they are looking for with a better website navigation, in conclusion, your website must be easy to use and navigation must be as simple as possible.



Do not forget to increase your page loading speed

 Increase your page speed, the slower your page will load the more visitors and revenue you are more  likely to lose so faster loading pages leads to a better website experience.



On page optimization

 Similar to the user experience is the on-page optimization which deals with the technical SEO so optimizing your website can help the already existing high-quality content be found faster by users and also putting into consideration your metadata ‘ the information the user see about your website ‘ so try writing the best descriptions and titles you can, it’s also essential to add schema markup .



And the most important factor that affect ranking is backlinks

 Backlinks are one of the most important SEO leading components so you must put into consideration these link building strategies such as

    A– case studies by clients that include information about how those clients achieved their results that can be used             and be helpful to others

    B– focusing on information that is not found anywhere else

    C– provide a view of data on a specific topic that is usually shared on social media and republished on blogs

    D– provide helpful information to users that they did not know through quizzes and personalized reports.

    E- working with trusted backlinks providers may save much of your time and get you the great results fast


Since backlinks is the most important factor for ranking 

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We will start now with building QUALITY backlinks – this will be step by step in less than 3 minutes.

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Now fill your details: (username, email & password)

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Now after Register/Login step, you need to add some funds to start making your 1st campaign, in this tutorial we will go for the $125 SEO package, so we will try to get $125 in our balance – feel free to customize your own budget

Click on “Add funds” you will see the payment options like the following images!

adding funds adding funds

BUT, there is a special offer, click on it to show the offers

special offers

Where you are going to choose the 125$ campaign that allows you to add 100$ in your budget and receive a 25% bonus special offer

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Now after finishing your payment, be sure to see $125 at your balance

And now let’s go to the SEO Campaigns page

Or choose it from the top menu (New order => SEO campaigns)

Then adjust your budget to $125

SEO campaign

After adjusting your budget you are going to add your links and keywords

SEO campaign


Then click submit campaign as shown in the figure

submit campaign

A success notification will appear that your order has been submitted you can then check the Reports to see the orders and the progress

order submitted

reports page


Now your 1st campaign have been submitted

The Golden advice is to keep building quality backlinks, Google needs to see it a continual process, so making a weekly campaign will be the best practice.

Hope we can add you some valuable information & benefits, and we will really wait for your feedback through comments