Different types of backlinks, why you may need!

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In this article I will try to help you to understand the various type of backlinks, and why it may be useful for your website.

Backlinks are great, it is the killer weapon of getting higher rank in Google, however they try to denies.

In my SEO journey I created/get/bought huge amount of backlinks, sometimes, I don’t understand what kind of backlinks is it, but I was focusing in getting all possible links, and every chance to get a new domain.

Here I will make a quick overview about each type of backlinks.

1. Guest Posts.

Write and article and publish an article on someone else’s website.

This is the point, sure you need to insert a link to your website on this article.

This is great not only as backlinks, if you able to deal with some big websites you will gain some traffic as well. So it may be a kind of advertising too.

2. PBNs – Private Blog Networks.

Here you will create your network, get some good domains (keep your details encrypted, as we don’t want Google to understand you are the owner of these domains)

Then the most simple way is to buy hosting account for each domain from various hosting providers.

keep in mind we don’t want any that these network websites have 1 owner

then create your blogs, different designs, different templates, and post your articles wisely, some articles contains your link, and some others not.

3. Business directories.

So you have a company?! don’t miss yo add your listing in major directories, like YellowPages, Yelp, …

Also search your local or niche directories.

4. Social Media Links.

Yes social media posts/likes/sharing is a backlinks, it is one of the most better links too, as it gives authority and increase your reputation as well.

5. High domain authority links.

This is such as web 2.0 websites.

In short it is the every high DA (domain authority) website that you can insert your link in.

We are searching for every single link in any new domains, especially those which has higher authority.

6. Diversity Links

Web 2.0, file sharing, profile, wiki articles/profiles, article directory backlinks, ….

As per its name we will try to post in different websites, (each single backlink is useful)

Those backlinks may be contextual links, as your link will be within the text.

And may submitted as profiles links, this will give your website the versatility it needs.


Finally, the link building strategy.

  • The main rule is we need to make a combine of quality, quantity & diversity.
  • Contextual links can give a good push to your keyword rank, we need to get top links first, then the lower DA links will be useful for diversity.
  • Focus in high DA web 2.0 backlinks, keep in mind to get good, unique articles. here you will get the benefits of contextual link and the benefits of high domain authority as well.
  • Be careful when choosing or creating PNB, it will be good in ranking, but will be also dangerous if used crap network.
  • Don’t miss Guest posts, and Business directories.
  • Keep getting social signals for your main links, and your backlinks as well.